Sunday, April 30, 2006

must share!

i have decided that rather than study, i will look at every single card on and send them to my friends to bring them joy during finals. well, i found this card. dear god, i hope the link works. and you MUST have sound on. well, i love this card so much that i have now memorized it and can sing along in a voice shockingly similar to the little blue thing. dear god i love it. it's probably unhealthy. and once i listen to it once, i just have to keep listening. and singing along. cuz you can't listen and not want to sing along. oh my. my exam is in about 24 hours and i'm still doing these things. oops.

chuzzle will be the death of me

yes, my friends, i am a 26 year old who is in the midst of law school finals and i cannot quit playing a game called "chuzzle." i admit it. i decided that rather than playing just text twist, i would click on some of those other links at yahoo games and see what they did. well guess what sucked me in. chuzzle. now, the name probably tips you off. IT'S CALLED "CHUZZLE" FOR GOD'S SAKE!! but, so you think even less of me, let me explain to you just how bad this is. this is a game of what look to be little fuzzy colored mops with eyes. and you line them up in groups of at least 3 to make them disappear (the premise of many games.) and so far as i can tell, this doesn't even involve skill. and yet here i am, hours a day, lining up these little mops while the flask in the corner bubbles up. i think it's a timer/point gatherer. i haven't even figured that out yet. anyways, it's pathetic.

and now i've left all my foods at the law school and i'm still at home at noon and i think i have to go over there to eat. that may even be sadder.

anyways. hurrah for finals and the games they teach us!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

who are you people and why do you suck?

so i can't figure out if the comments to my last point are what people really think or if you people are just trying to rile me up. well, if it is the latter, it worked. I AM ALL RILED UP!!!! i can't believe you!!! are you serious? do you really mean that? i mean, lexi and i are still giggling about this. yes, as we've ascertained, we should not gauge things based on how lexi and i react to them. BUT NONETHELESS, it is not like lexi and i don't live in a world with the rest of you. well, i mean, maybe not completely, but a bit. just not really seriously on the whole. if you prick us do we not bleed? if you poison us do we not die? the point i am trying to make is that i cannot believe you people do not find that funny! IT IS UPROARIOUSLY HYSTERICAL!!! also, i think that people should tell me who you are when you post, not so much b/c i care what you said, but b/c i have to know which of my friends love me and which of my friends do not love me to take the simple step of clicking the link in my profile and validating me as a human being. THAT IS ALL I NEED, PEOPLE!!

ok, well i suppose that is it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

funny? not funny?

ok, you really need to vote on this. i am picking b/c best friends based on the answer to this question. so, don't hesitate to post a comment and tell me what you think. it is VERY important. and i do not have an elevated sense of self-importance, so it must be VERY important.

line from a paper: Josef Stalin believed that "the cinema is not only a vital agit prop device for the education and political indoctrination of the workers, but is also a fluent channel through which to reach the minds and shape the desires of people everywhere."

person #1: who says things like that?
person #2: maybe English wasn't his first language.

funny or not funny? or uproariously funny so that 12 hours after if was said, it is not unjustified to still be giggling about it? (once again, i know i have done a stellar job of protecting the identities of the parties involved.) also, this survey will not work if lexi is the only person to comment. lexi's votes skew all my polls. [this is only a bad thing when i'm making important decisions based on the polling data from someone whose personality resembles mine in unhealthy ways. other than that, it legitimizes me.]

Monday, April 24, 2006

what to write, what to write

so i have been thinking that i should post, but i don't really know what to post about. for a while, i was going to post about the fact that i am a jerk, but that was a few days ago and now the desire to do so is gone, tho there is still plenty of evidence out there, so perhaps i will go about conducting more research and i'll get back to you on this.

in good news for you all tho, i will not be posting about how great i am at text twist. this is b/c i am no longer great at text twist. it has been a stunning fall from grace. i am trying to find something to blame it on. i have a few contenders, but i think that the blame may lie with me. actually, the sad thing is that if i don't post about how great i am at text twist, then i'm really not sure i have anything to post about. hmmmm.

i was also thinking that rather than actually talking about anything, i could just sign on every now and then and just say anything, so that you could track my erratic sleeping patterns during finals. actually, i am particularly concerned about this this semester b/c i have been getting tired very early this semester and i think that my body may be getting old and frail, but now that we're at finals time, this may be ok b/c last night i was up til 5 and now it is 1 and i am still wide awake. of course i'm not doing anything productive, but whatever. well, i was but i'm reaching the point where i just type the name of a case and highlight it in green to indicate that i have no idea what happened here and i had better get someone else's notes to try to clear this up. sometimes what happens with this tactic is that i will get other people's notes and then just not bother with it, and then i get to the exam and am like, "oh shit."

actually, that's a common problem with me and exams. i will be well aware of the fact that something is pretty damned important to this area of the law and it will not really make any sense to me, so i'll walk into the exam, find a question about it, and the proceed to try to teach myself during the exam something that didn't make any sense to me while i was studying. i wouldn't really recommend this method if you're shooting for success in law school.

i suppose there is an upside in that at least there is nothing as egregious this semester as there was last semster. like this or this. now that was a class where your below the curve grade comes as no big surprise.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

dear god, why do you curse me so!

you know you're too good at text twist when you have over a minute and a half left and you have already found all 30 words.

also, i have once again beaten my high score, but i had not signed in, so there is no record of it at all.

also, i am not outlining for copyright. that was the plan for the day. shit.

also, you know your life is pathetic when your blog consists solely of your bragging at how good you are at a game where you find words. but i have nothing else to talk about b/c this is about 90% of what my life consists of these days. i was going to go to a carnival yesterday, but it was raining, so i had more time for text twist.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

i have made it!

i am a success as a blogger. not only has my blog drawn scorn and created strife in some of my acquaintanceship (i didn't actually consider those marks of success), but it has also received it's first bona fide spam post!! i'm pretty excited. i don't know if that's tied to hits or to length in service or what, but i'm pretty sure it only happens to truly successful bloggers. i am a star. (tho i do not endorse whatever is going on in that link.)

my greatest success ever as a human being

well, that may be overstating it.

but i did just score 239,710 on text twist. that's pretty good! i think it all started in mass torts this morning, and then it continued thru/out the day (mostly in copyright and admin) and has only just ended now. but i did do other things.

anyways, i'm a bit worried. b/c once i passed my other high score, the high score on my screen didn't keep going up like it did last time and i am a bit concerned that b/c i closed my computer once or twice, the score did not get tracked. which would mean that i would have to spend all of finals trying to duplicate this score. which would suck.

particularly since text twist gets a bit boring pretty quickly. i mean, it's the same damned words over and over and over. but does that stop me? nope. does that stop me from missing "emu" or "lei" every single time? well, now i get lei. but still. you see the point i'm making.

anyways, thank god that game is over. this skill truly is a blessing, not a curse.

i've watched anthony obtain a freakish knowledge of the tax code in 3 days and i'm desperately hoping that i can do the same with admin law, but i think it may be stupid to even hope for. we'll see. (if i could do that, maybe that truly would be my greatest success ever as a human being. and that wouldn't be so shabby.)

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

this semester's nemesis

so as you may recall from previous posts, i fall prey to a single game every single semester. first semester of law school = freecell. second = spider solitaire. third = plain old solitaire. well, i was still just playing plain old solitaire thru/out most of this semester. but, i'll be honest, it was growing a bit dull.

i saw other people playing tetris (dear GOD i love tetris. much of my college years fell prey to tetris. til my love of tetris fell prey to snood. but anyways.) well, i tracked down eli as the source of the tetris, but i was too stupid to put it on my computer. [this paragraph is just a sidetrack from what becomes my downfall. tho it does remind me that i need to get him to put it on my computer. tho the following paragraphs will explain why this is a very very very bad idea.]

one day, in PR, i look over and notice that jenny is playing text twist WITH HER KEYBOARD. so i had played a bit of text twist in the past, but i always thought you had to click the letters and that was a pain in the ass. BUT THE KEYBOARD! so i thought i would give it a try.

what a mistake.

so hours of my life are now being eaten by this game. mostly b/c i am soooooo good. i mean, you think, "hey, i'll just play one game of text twist." and that sounds find. but when you are THIS good at a game, one game can go on for hours.

now tiff says (tiff has a lot to teach people about various games) that you're just supposed to get the 6 letter word and then read while the time wiles away. but i am going to take issue with tiff's tactics. for starters, that's no fun. generally the 6 letter word leaps off the screen at you. so that would really minimize the enjoyment. but the other thing, is that just doesn't help your score. getting all the words is what really spells success in text twist. and so that's really what you've got to try to do. also, this way you don't have to waste your time with things like admin reading. and i think that this may be why tiff still refers to the 100,000 point mark as "elusive" or "impossible" or some such nonsense and i had achieved it within about a week.

during my freecell phase, i had manage to rationalize it that freecell was really going to help me with finals. b/c freecell is about being given something, a big picture. and then you have to find what you want, and get there, strategically working thru the little pieces and building each of the themes (those are the suits of cards) to reach the final goal--a nice, clearly organized consolidation of everything that was given to you in a big jumble. and that's a lot like law school finals. or so i rationalized. (for those of you interested--turns out this only helps with crim law exams.) i suppose i could kinda use the same argument for text twist; something about pulling the pieces out and making sense of them and finding everything lurking w/in the jumble. but even i realize that's a bit attenuated. there is really no way for me to convince myself that i will have 5 exams of professors giving my jumbles of words and asking me to find a slew of 3 and 4 letter words within them. i'm screwed.

and i wonder why eli won't give me tetris....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

the problem with my blog

well, before any of you say it, i'll get it out of the way--i'm a terrible story teller.

but that wasn't the problem i was referring to. that problem was that people read it. probably not many people, but i am now aware of the fact that it is out there and people are reading it and so now i refuse to post. b/c i am worried they will think i am a terrible story teller. well yes, but that's true. and that my life is boring and sucks. also kinda true, but i enjoy it. well, maybe not much now b/c we're getting into that crappy finals time, tho i haven't really come to this recognition yet. well, i'm well aware of it, but i'm still not doing anything about it.

anyways, none of that was my point. i mean, yes, i am generally an erratic poster and whatnot, but i was just looking back thru my first month of posts, and my! what a delight i was! i mean, the stories might have sucked, but i think they were still endearing. very laura.

but now, i'm just not sure what to post about. which is partially just the erratic nature of my posting and when i feel like saying things, and the fact that some things that i enjoy, i don't really feel like trying to explain. (for example, i was the best witness ever in a trial ad class today. i got me a quarter of a million dollars b/c them bastards over there wronged me. and i like to think b/c i am very likeable and the jury couldn't bring themselves to watch me suffer any longer).

but i am even more sensitive about this now that people read. for example, one of the stories i could tell about today i cannot tell b/c it involves a boy that i love and i would live in fear that he would find out somehow that i had written about him on my blog and then he would know that i love him, if he doesn't already. altho if you can't figure out that i love you, well you're a moron b/c i'm not very subtle. altho i may not love him after today, but i can't go into that whole story b/c this is out there for the world to see. (also, in case you're wondering--it's not a very good story.)

so in addition to the fact that i'm worried that people will read things i don't want them to know and that they will think that i am a big fat loser, my other fear is that they will say mean things. someone posted mean things last week and i was very very very upset. i nearly cried. i couldn't take copyright notes for the rest of the class period and i was very disoriented and i learned that i take things too personally and am not cut out for blogging. except i sure do love the look of my own font.

so i guess i'll just be erratic and you can deal with my neuroses (also read: endearing charm) whenever you damned well feel like it. if i can put in a pitch for myself, i'd recommend the early archives. they're pretty great.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

is this as funny as lexi and i found it to be?

person 1: it's like all the stalls in that bathroom are designed for handicapped people, b/c they're so big.
person 2: well it's not them. it's their wheelchairs.

DO YOU GET IT!??! she thought i meant that the handicapped people were big! i meant that the bathroom stalls were big!!

we got quite a kick out of it. like the kind of kick that makes us laugh uproariously (or bray) for quite some time, while people around us wonder why the hell they went to the same law school as these two crazy girls.

yay for something that happened

libel show elections have taken place.

saunders is next year's producer!!!

lexi is next year's treasurer!!!
(i have guest posted on her blog b/c that's the sort of thing i do.)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

more people who think i'm crazy, and they don't even know me

so lexi's whole thing with the other UVA law blogger started me on a wonderful world of looking at other UVA law blogs. now, to be fair, that's what people do with blogs so it's not like this is particularly creepy. you're the one who put your blog out there!

but you know me, i can't resist commenting. i mean, i have questions! and i have things to say! people want to hear from me! so i post comments.

only to be mocked.

what i find amusing is that if i really wanted to show him random psycho stalker girl, i actually could start waiting outside his apartment.

no, i'm not kidding.

(i'm not going to. i'm just saying.)

oh, also what weirds me out is that people can track how users find their sites. this disturbs me, as i'm someone who wanders around the internet not altogether randomly. i mean, i'm still back at using phone books to find people's addresses and wait outside their homes and these people are using high-tech devices to track internet traffic. think how scary i could be if i wasn't so technologically uninclined.

poor, sad computer

so my computer has been quasi falling apart for some time, but i have a very high threshold for when i take it to be treated. smoke would be one of the things that would cause me to ask for help. well, my computer has just reached the point where i will be seeking help. (yes, i am still typing on it as i type.)

over the last few weeks, the screen has been flopping all about willy nilly, and then today it started making funny noises, but now, half of the front panel lifts off, all while the screen is flopping about willy nilly AND making funny noises.

but the really sad part is this--yay! i get to go spend time with derek leach! hurrah! yes, i am excited that my computer has broken b/c i have an excuse to go bother the tech guy. this may even get me to the LS before i have to be there tomorrow, b/c derek leach's time is very hard to come by, so i'm starting to think i should be sitting outside his office at 8:30 am. now the other reality is that i don't actually need a reason to bother the tech guy, but i figure that this way he won't think i'm stalking him and just making him odd gifts randomly. i have just realized that this post is only coherent if you know what i am talking about. also, if we could get that libel show video online (note to self: talk to saunders about this), then i could link to it from here. that would be awesome.

my farewell

well, i really have enjoyed this game. probably too much. really, there is no doubt that i took it too seriously. and i thank all of you who were still willing to talk to me in the hallways, even when this became abundantly clear. i met a lot of great people, both other participants and those who wondered why the hell i was wearing (name your poison here.)

on the one hand, i'm quite pleased with myself for being such a deadly assassin. i would detail some of my favorite tactics, but i think it's best that you don't know how creepy i am. there is little doubt that if there were a prize for creepiest kills, i would win the top five prizes. but i don't want you all to feel unsafe in your own homes, so i'll omit those details. and on the other hand, i want to apologize to those of you whom i let down. every time you kill someone, they tell you that you have to go on to win the game. and since i killed 1/6 of the playing field, it's pretty clear i let a number of you down. i had eliminated 3 of the 5 finalists, all in anticipation of going mano a mano with the girl who had been hunting me since about the hat and glasses immunity. i had been on the alert all day, sock in hand, and my own socking came at a moment of uncharacteristic weakness. but it's a game that preys on weakness and my time had clearly come. so i apologize to those of you who lost your money on the vegas odds.

in the interest of over-sentimentality, i'd like to thank my friends. to all of the "agent potatoes," both formal and informal. my identification skills are pretty pathetic and it's only with a team of accomplices that i could ever match up a lawweb photo with a real person. to those who swaddled me in polo shirts and let me carry their tennis rackets. to those who would still go in public with me with toilet paper streaming from my shoe. to he who engaged in my sock throwing/dodging exercises for an hour in his apartment. to he who (on his own initiative) left me in his car, walking the stairs from the basement to the third floor, making sure i wouldn't die on my way into the apartment. you all deal with my crazy every day, but thanks for dealing with 5 times the normal crazy for the past 6 weeks.

in conclusion, i suppose the last month and a half has taught me a lot. i learned that after you wear celery around your neck for a few days, you actually miss it as an accessory when it's gone. i learned that approximately 90% of the people in the law school will tell you when you have something dragging behind your shoe; this is very endearing the first few times it happens, but by the 500th it's pretty frickin' annoying. i learned that i do like polo shirts, and that i shouldn't be so tempted every time that ms. toni infomercial comes on to try to sell me hairpieces. i learned that a random family with an infant will invite you in for a "warm place to study" as you sit under the stairs at someone's apartment, lurking for her to return home. but the main lesson i learned is that everyone has a little bit of crazy in them; i happen to have a whole lot.

Monday, April 03, 2006

the end, briefly

so saturday i have to kill mike. this is the first kill about which i had some regret. of the final five competitors, mike was the one for whom i had the most respect in the game. actually, he was the only one for whom i didn't have some disdain regarding game tactics. but the chips falling where they had, i had to pick him off second and his oral argument made him a sitting duck.

so that means ericka is next. i don't try on sunday. she has a 9am and a 10:30 on monday. i get confirmation that she is in the 9am. i wait outside the room with 4 pairs of socks in the waistband of my pants. somehow i miss her as she leaves class, but i figure she'll be coming in the door by WB101. some lug blocks the door. then she appears, shrouded in a phalanx of people. she tells me later they are shocked that i charged. i'm sorry, you people are morons. you have been friends with this girl who attacked a 6 1/2 foot tall man at a formal dance as she has done this for the last month and you think i'm just going to watch her walk down the hall? riiiight. so they hold my arms, i throw socks, she runs, and then she admits defeat. not b/c she thinks i hit her but b/c she is "afraid" to continue on in the game. probably a good reason to get out of the game.

so now it's me v. niki. she posts on this blog, making me realize that i shouldn't have posted about the game until it was over. i reply to her email mocking her for being so bad at this. my favorite is that when i mock her, she replies by saying, “what?” i wonder if she is pulling the laura golden—act dumber than you are, get away with more. it later becomes clear this was not the case. i spend the day with a sock in my hand. i set up for a JLP event, socks in hand. i turn every corner, socks in hand. i go to listen to a senator speak, socks in hand and looking over my shoulder every time i hear footsteps. and i even figure it will be coming during oral args. but in the 2 minutes after i listen to two 50-year old men explain to some kid that his brief is the most ridiculous thing put to paper, i walk out of the room to get the next two contestants, no socks in hand. and i die.

my favorite part is that in her kill report, she speaks of a "tip." yes, that tip was my mocking you in a public forum. but i figure she deserves this. she's not very pleasant about the kill. i've met a lot of people thru this game, but despite the fact that she had just won the game, she was strikingly not pleasant, rebuffing my attempts for friendly chit chat, and skulking off as i shouted small talk down the hall after her. also, her email says she lurked in parking lots, which is how we know the cool kids do it. plus, i was probably her candace glover. we all know how much not killing candace had vexed me and this girl had been trying to get me for at least twice as long as i had been trying to get candace. so the only thing that kills me is that i was killed by someone who hadn't really seemed to excel at the game in an uncharacteristic moment of weakness. but since this game preys on weakness, i suppose that's fair and i'll just have to remind myself that i killed one-sixth of the playing field. which only gets me all riled up again b/c it reminds me how bad everyone else was at this game i so clearly dominated. why yes, i am tooting my own horn about how good i was at killing people with socks.

alas, it is over. and i suck. alas alas.

now we'll see if i continue to post or not. oh well.

Saturday, April 01, 2006


i’m a whole new woman. actually, i’m the same old one. i’m sure you remember this laura. she was carefree and smiled easily and would triumphantly raise her arms above her head with a broad grin when she liked something. yes, it has been a while since we all saw that laura. the days of trying to kill candace sucked the soul from that laura.


yes, my friends. it has been done. when i got back from oral args, i noticed her car was not around. so i backed my car into a parking spot to face her building, reclined my driver’s seat, and put the admin tapes on my ipod (turns out admin sucks no matter who’s presenting it), settling in for the evening. my heart would stop every time a car would pull into the lot. and finally, two cars. one in her usual spot, the right color, the right hair emerging. i open my door. i’m terrified b/c the light is on and maybe she’ll notice me. then i start to worry that she’s just going to jump from one car to the other. i won’t have time to kill her then. my heart sinks. but no! she is going to her door! she’ll never be able to unlock it in time. i start to run, her friend starts frantically honking the horn in warning (props to my friends who leave me in the car and walk from the basement to the first floor, making sure no one is hiding on stairs), and she concedes defeat. i hit her exuberantly with a sock a few times, relieved, thrilled, triumphant, knowing i can sleep again.

well, that’s the problem. so now that i’ve gotten this kill, i want more. i don’t want to die in the morning. i want to make it til 2pm to kill mike, i want to make it til when i need to to kill ericka. i want to have a faceoff with niki, where she learns that she was never well enough suited for this game to beat me. i understand that this may all fall apart in the morning, but i’m hoping not. desperately hoping.

also, for those of you keeping track, i’m now unbeatable on the number of kills. even if mike kills everyone remaining, we’re tied.


the world of no immunity

so now there is no immunity and everyone is dealing with it differently. mike is going about his life like a normal human being, candace and niki never leave their homes anyways, and ericka is skipping all of her classes and moving interviews.

i am debating what to do. then i realize that i can't be cooped up all day, and i have to go to oral arguments that evening anyways, so i go to my class at noon. i wear big sunglasses and the weather is nice so i wear clothes totally different than she would have seen me in in the last two months. i have ave pick me up at home, we drive over, go in a back door, run me to class close enough to noon that the prof is already there. i don't take my computer so that i can run more quickly. i fret thru/out class that she'll be waiting for me when i leave. we hurry out. it turns out that my fear is completely misguided. niki turns out to be a pretty crappy assassin. when we return to my apartment, i wait in the car while anthony walks the stairs from the first thru third floors, making sure no one is lurking. i suppose i shouldn't expect other people to be using my tactics. weakling, we call that.

but i know i'm a sitting duck when it comes to oral arguments. my time schedules are posted all over the hallways of the law school and there's no getting out of it. well, it turns out that niki is a really crappy assassin. not a sign of her anywhere.

another brilliant plan foiled by fear of disciplinary action

i decide that i could submit online a service request for candace's apartment. i mean, i've got her apartment number, phone number, etc. then i would wait til they get her to open the door. i wonder if this will violate any sort of laws.

then i see the maintenance people going into the apartment behind mine. i go lurk and wait for them to leave the building, then explain the situation. i think it's brilliant. keith says he'd really love to, but he's worried they could get in trouble. now, the more i think about this, the more i think that keith is a pansy. i mean, it's a game. and he wouldn't even be lying. you're just knocking and saying "maintenance." that's true! you didn't know i was there waiting to kill her. keith says i should get a friend to pull the same trick, but i've already tried that more than once and she won't open the door.

and that wasn't even the first time someone had rebuffed my attempts to involve them in a plot today. earlier, spencer had told me he wouldn't feel comfortable posing as someone registering voters (i figured she wouldn't recognize him b/c he's not a law student, and i even had blank voter registration forms). spencer is a loser.

another brilliant plan that doesn't work

in our final hours of open season and immunities, ericka moved her tax board interview from friday when there would be no immunity to thursday evening, a fact which only ericka, jen and i knew. i realize i can get the code to the key box, burst in in the middle of her interview, during which i am quite sure she will sit her balloons down, and peg her. well, unfortunately, she saw me wandering around b/f she went in. and i nearly lost my nerve, but berde and barlow hovered over me and told me to do it. so i did. unfortunately, in the time it takes you to open a door and fling socks, the balloons were close enough at hand that she got to them. so another no kill. tho perhaps the best idea ever. it's too bad my execution is so poor.

my new accomplice

during my lurking outside the other day, i happened to befriend one of candace's neighbors and so he offers to help me. we try knocking on her door under various pretenses, but she does not open up. my favorite was that he was going to tell her he had tapped her car while parking and she was going to run out to check it, sans immunity, and that would be it. well, she doesn't open her door. she sucks.

a weekend of valiant efforts

i have to drive up to DC to look at an apartment. candace will be in DC for a conference. i consider dropping by to kill her. no way she'll be wearing three popped collars. i even look at the conference schedule and everything, but it turns out that in the end, i'm just not this crazy. and i'm kinda worried about walking into a BLSA conference and trying to kill one of them with a sock.

but this doesn't mean i'm not absolutely ridiculous. i then decide that she won't be wearing her three collars when she returns from the conference either. the problem is determining when this is.

so i sit outside of her apartment. for three hours. i learn some interesting things.

sometimes, when you sit outside someone’s apartment in the cold for 3 hours waiting for them to return home, you just never cross paths with him/her. you do befriend her neighbors; have jankowski offer you 10 cups of coffee, a cup of tea, and an ovaltine; get invited inside by the random family with an infant for a warm place to study; and finish your copyright reading for the week (so it wouldn’t have normally took three hours, but there were lots of car doors opening and closing out there and i had to keep jumping up).

so i suppose the day was a failure and totally disheartening, but interesting nonetheless.

another thing i learn that day is that tracking devices are illegal unless you're in law enforcement. handy tip.

triple pop

and the new immunity is a triple popped collar. that could be fun! i have to borrow a whole wardrobe from tiffany and rob b/c i don't own popped collars. i learn that wearing other people's clothes means that someone will always compliment you on your outfit.

during this season, i also have the following conversation with ajeet, which i recreate here b/c i just love it too much not to share:

LifeboatLaura: being friends with me is a ceaseless effort to maintain your dignity in my presence
LifeboatLaura: i know it
ajeetp: it's true
ajeetp: i'd like to say it's not, triple-pop
ajeetp: but it's true

i try to quit

one day during the TP immunity, i walk to school with my TP, having decided i was bored with the game and was going to quit. i thought was pretty impressive that it had lasted this long b/c we all know that i have the shortest attention span ever given to a human being, and shorter than that given to most mammals (i'm about on par with fish). anyways, i was going to go to PR, break the news to anthony (who sits next to me), get his blessing and remove the TP. well, breaking the news to anthony proved that my friends would not take the news so well.

well, then i turn my computer on and learn of the next immunity and the fact that we're going to declare open season shortly. there are now 10 of us left, but it's pretty clear that some of this is the riff-raff, still around b/c other people suck. i can help get rid of people who suck. of course, this now means that i must stalk 10 people at once. and you know how i do these things--IM screennames, home addresses, friends willing to rat out other friends, etc. i begin compiling information immediately.