Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dear god, it's happening again

i'm making real dinner for tomorrow night. i have had a crockpot for many years, but have never used it. but it seems like the perfect solution for someone who gets home late and wants dinner immediately. well, i've still never used it. but this weekend, before going to the grocery store, i picked out a recipe from my crockpot cookbook and bought the ingredients. well, i pretty much bought the ingredients. one of the ingredients is a package of "lemon herb" seasoning. only the stupid grocery store didn't have lemon herb! only garlic herb! which i bought. but now, here i am, cutting up everything for tomorrow's dinner and i'm really thinking that garlic herb is not as delicious as lemon herb. incidentally, i've also cut up the 4 massive cloves of garlic the recipe calls for and put them with the chicken in the fridge. ergo, if i use what i've got, i've got garlic garlic herb chicken. and i love garlic way more than the next guy, but this might be a bit much. so i have decided to bundle up, brave the cold i loathe so much, and see if my totally crappy grocery store down the street, has the lemon herb. my thought was that if it didn't, i would just buy a fresh lemon and use that. and i figure that might be a bad idea. i mean, the recipe doesn't call for a lemon. but if you're going to throw the wrong thing in a recipe, why not let it simmer for 8-10 hours and heighten the terrible flavor even more? yeah, even that sounds like a disaster. the problem is that that whole realization about the double garlic didn't come upon me til i started typing this. which means that my backup plan also fails b/c not only do i have a lemon that has cooked until it is rubberized and tastes like rotten sock, and simmers for 8-10 hours so everything else in the pot tastes like rubberized rotten sock, but i've also realized that there's double the garlic. so when i arrive home tomorrow, i could very well be eating garlic garlic rubberized lemon rotten sock chicken. in an apartment that reeks of garlic.

or, fingers crossed, the safeway has the one packet of seasoning i need.

god, i am on pins and needles right now...


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