Friday, January 23, 2009

roger schechter! MY roger schechter?!?!

so the beauty of law firms is how easy it is to find people. generally i do this for personal reasons. xyz law firm is laying people off. i search for UVA grads (associates, if that's a possible function in their search engine) to see who i know might be affected. or such and such a friend has been talking about a guy at her firm. look him up. is he cute? today i actually needed to use this function for work (opposing counsel's email address). so i search for his last name in the firm's attorney directory. in addition to this guy, my search also generates a hit for roger schechter. ROGER SCHECHTER! my FAVORITE bar bri professor! i don't join FB groups willy nilly (seriously, i think joining a FB group is a really big commitment), and even i'm in a roger schechter group. alas, i didn't think the guy looked right and the bio made no mention of him being a torts god, and double alas, a quick google confirmed that it's a totally different roger schecter. but still. i'm not even kidding when i say that my heart stopped for a minute at the excitement of it all. dear god. that's sad.


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