Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i have made real dinner!

this is a total triumph and it is only 8:05 and i am eating and well, i'm just so delighted with myself! yes, it is only a salad, but it has two freshly cut up vegetables (mushrooms, green onions), one herb (chives, only b/c i have fresh chives in my fridge and i truly have no idea what to do with them. i know there was a specific reason i bought them, but i'm sure they'll have rotted long before i remember what that is), one thing cooked on the stove (BACON!), fruity flavored blue cheese, and a dressing i made from scratch w/o even measuring the ingredients (like a real chef does! balsamic, olive oil, mustard, and garlic, if you're interested). yes, so far every bite i have had has been nearly 100% spinach leaf, and i'm going to wind up with all of those other ingredients sitting soggily in a big clump in all the dressing left at the bottom of the bowl, but who cares?!?! I MADE DINNER! real dinner!

also, in other news that has nothing to do with my delicious dinner at all, today i was exasperatedly raising my voice at my boss and calling him by his full name (not all three names, just not the shortened version of his first name, like i usually do), when another partner walked by and said i sounded like his mother. i like working with people for whom this is ok. plus, he had totally done something exasperating, and needed to be reprimanded! and now he is leaving for a week and a half, with the deadline in like two weeks, meaning he's leaving me to deal with it. i have really got to get myself on the docketing system for all these cases, so that i can nag him in the time leading up to the time when he finally decides things should be dealt with. but that is all fine b/c we have decided to have a "who is bronzer" contest when we're both back in the office in two and a half weeks and i have realized that i am totally going to have the advantage b/c i will be on the tropical island the week before said contest and he will have been in the office. score!


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