Monday, January 26, 2009

lucky pennies and other things

lucky pennies are just the best. i wish i could say that i wasn't someone who stopped to pick up all coinage from the ground, but that would be a blatant lie. one of my friends likes to tell the story (well, it's not really much of a story) of when we were in vegas one night, exiting a casino in a swarm of people, and i thought i heard a coin hit the ground, so i stopped and started looking on the ground. that is perfectly good money! basically, unless there are really very questionable surroundings to a coin on the ground, i'm going to stop and get it. and questionable doesn't mean it's lying in a dirty street. it means in a puddle of dirty water or touching a dead bird or something.

but the point is that it just puts you in a really good mood. first of all, you're like, i found a penny! score! then it's head up! that's a lucky penny! (slight dilemma, some people say they're bad luck if they're tails up. whether or not i follow this line of thought depends on my mood and whether there is someone with me, telling me it's bad luck to pick up a tails up penny. jerks.) anyways, the lucky penny gives you a warm fuzzy. but then, invariably, i just have to laugh aloud at the fact that i am stopping in the middle of the street to pick up a penny. i get a kick out of that nearly ever time. i mean, what can you even buy with a penny these days?

in other news that has nothing to do with lucky pennies, and isn't news at all, i decided to walk home this evening. it started b/c i had to walk around for a while looking for a kinkos that hadn't yet had its last fed ex pickup for the night (don't ask, but let's just say i'm getting more annoyed with my secretary with every passing day), and by the time i found said kinkos, i was already at metro center and decided i was actually plenty warm, and if i had to wait for a metro, it would probably take the same amount of time, and i had really enjoyed walking home in the fall, and i never get any physical activity these days and it would be good for me. so what i realized a couple of blocks later was that the top half of my body, in its sweater and coat and very warm scarf that is literally like another shirt and wraps around my neck twice, and my hat, and my lined leather gloves, my upper body was actually more than toasty. it was downright about to burst into flames. but what this had prevented me from realizing initially was that my winter pants are at the dry cleaner (yes, i only have one pair of winter pants. well, there had been two pairs, but i got too fat for the other pair. most weeks this is what skirts and dresses are for. other weeks, this is what the fact that i'm not ashamed to wear the same pair of pants multiple days in a row is for) and i was wearing what i had previously thought were just less warm winter pants and wore as winter pants all last season (tho i had not been wearing them all season b/c i didn't think they'd be toasty enough). i discovered today that these are more like fall pants, and i discovered this at exactly that point in my 25 degree, 2 mile walk, where i was exactly far enough away from all the right lines of public transportation, that it really only made sense for me to carry on for the remaining mile or so. anyways, by the time i got home, my legs were frozen like icicles, which i know is not at all anything anyone cares about, but well, too bad. i'm trying to work on more interesting stories, but i think i'm going to have to spend less time at the office before i have many of those.


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