Sunday, June 03, 2007

save me from myself!

so my sister is taking some of my furniture tomorrow, meaning i have to empty the drawers and find new places for all of the crap that has been hiding both inside those drawers and on top of my dresser/bookshelves/desk for the past 3 years.

i have decided that the best way to avoid having to throw any of this crap away is to use it, thereby convincing myself that i will use it and don’t need to throw it away. so in addition to the hairpieces from assassins i have put in my hair, i have also added a few decorative barrettes, sprayed my one leg with gold glitter spray (and am thinking about spraying the other with silver glitter spray), lined my left eye with a liquid eyeliner i have never before used, and put on a random lipstick i’ve owned for about a decade. i look very pretty. or something.

also, my right leg shimmers like that of a goddess. altho it is sticky and gross and i'm not sure i would recommend touching it.