Tuesday, January 29, 2008

missing UVA law

so i checked earlier for the feb club calendar, and while it wasn't up then, it is now. (of course, i got a new computer and was too cheap to get all the microsoft programs on it, so i had a bit of a time opening up the excel file. also, i want a copy of the fun feb club calendar with all the pictures that hands near scott commons!)

and then, of course, i spent a little time looking at pictures of feb club's past and remembering the good old days and ruing the fact that i will not be partaking this year. sadness. looks like there are some good themes too!

ok, so that's not much of a post, but i just wanted to put it out there that those were some good times!

ahhh, memories...

hee hee

so i just put the final pair of shoes on and i was going to sign back on and post about HOW HAPPY MY NEW SHOES MAKE ME, but then i decided that might be a little ridiculous.

until i started to walk in the final pair. part of their comfort feature is a cushiony bottom that seems to hide some sort of air pocket. and every time i step on my left foot, and then lift it up, the air refilling the cushion makes a distinctively fart-like sound.

it's funny.

i love zappos!

now i know that i am late to this party, but i am going to say it anyways. see, i can't buy clothes, especially shoes, w/o trying them out first. so i was never thinking i would get on board with zappos. and i'm still not TOTALLY on board. but i'm modified on board.
i went to the NYC macy's, the largest department store in the world, this weekend to try on shoes. they have an entire separate area for comfortable shoes, which is about 10 times as large as most entire shoe departments and they have all sorts of brands, and every time i go in there (i have been trying to muster the energy to do this for like 4 months), i just get overwhelmed and leave. it's a shit-ton of shoes.

but i could not avoid it any longer. my sneakers are so worn out that they hurt my feet in about a hundred different ways even just based on my walk to and from the metro every day. and ditto with the same pair of flats that are the only really comfortable shoes under my desk at work, so i wind up just putting them on every day. i mean, these things are sad.

anyways, i circled the place like 4 times, taking pictures on my cell phone of contender shoes, and then narrowing it down to 7 pairs to try on.

well, of course they had all of like 2 of the ones i really wanted. but i managed to try on some styles and some brands and one pair in a brown even tho i never wear brown shoes. and i whittled it down to 3 winners (all comfy, one to walk to work, one pair of work flats, and one pair of work heels), jotted down all the info and ordered them from jared's apartment, so they were waiting for me when i got home today!
it might be a little sad how excited i was for all of them. i was running the last two blocks home to get to my new shoes! but they are everything i thought they would be! well, except the one pair might be a bit tight in the toes. and the fact that the pair i wore at work all day rubbed my pinkies the wrong way, so nothing feels good on my feet right now. but oh! i am so sure that they will be perfect!

anyways, i know that isn't really too much to the credit of zappos, but they are who made this joyful moment possible and i appreciate that!

(incidentally, i am totally on board with their "free shipping," despite the fact that each pair of shoes cost $3.95 more than it would have at the macy's.)

so hip hip hooray!

Sunday, January 06, 2008

christmas cards

so every year, i buy christmas cards after christmas. b/c i'm cheap and i love cards and i sure can't resist them when you mark them down that much.

this year, i managed to resist. largely b/c i didn't see any that i liked. and partially b/c i still have the remnants of past year's half-price christmas cards still cluttering up my apartment. and also b/c i wonder if i will ever get my act together enough to send out christmas cards.

but the other day in the office, i saw a christmas card i really liked. (i thought it looked like maybe you could personalize it, choosing different character snowmen to go on it and represent you and your family or things you like. i was mistaken, but it's an awesome idea.) so i got the website off the back of the card.

and here i am, on january 6, looking at hundreds of options of business quality christmas cards for next year. turns out that 25 of these things usually retail for $207.90. which is clearly PREPOSTEROUS! right? that's nearly $10/card!! PREPOSTEROUS! geez louise!

but right now, in the post-christmas slump, where it's pretty tough to sell christmas cards (unless you're marketing to crazy people such as myself), they are having what is maybe the best deal i have ever heard of. 50% off AND $75 off of each order! that is also preposterous! i mean, you knock half of the price off and then, they figured, just for good measure they'd save you an extra $75!

of course, since we're talking about ridiculously expensive christmas cards, we're still far out of the price range of what i usually spend on christmas cards. but i like them! they're so pretty! i bet they are on thick paper! that feels expensive between your fingertips! and above all, they've convinced me i'm saving money! i am a sucker.

so today, i am resisting. but these amazing prices last for the next 3 months! the odds are great that by march 27th, i will have caved. of course, those odds probably aren't as great as the odds that by march 27th, i will have completely forgotten about this.

Friday, January 04, 2008

too many catalogues!

if you walked into my apartment this evening, you would swear i hadn't picked up my mail in days. here's what i had waiting for me:

Pottery Barn (2 copies)
Pottery Barn Bed and Bath
Pottery Barn Baby
Pottery Barn Kid
Williams Sonoma (2 copies)
Williams Sonoma Home
Ballard Designs, Winter 2008
Ballard Designs, January 2008
West Elm (i also had one yesterday)
Smith & Noble Windoware

i mean, i like to look at pictures of things for my home that i'll never buy as much as the next person does, but this is ridiculous!

tho my favorite day of mail was a couple of weeks ago, when i received 4 identical letters from some court about some Visa settlement. not a single one of them was addressed to me.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

what to do!

my firm picture is in the morning. it is only like 9 blocks away. but my hair!

see, that is too close to take a cab, and it is a bit of a walk and it has been SO windy, which would screw up my hair, but if i put on a hat, THAT will screw up my hair! do you see my dilemma!

i almost feel the need to wear one of those old lady plastic scarf things around my head! unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, i do not own one. unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, this idea had not crossed my mind when i was at the CVS 10 minutes ago and now i am too lazy to leave the house again.