Friday, February 06, 2009

one for the road

so i am supposed to be hopping in a cab in less than 7 hours to head to the airport. i still have to do some research and modify a Response to Office Action and get dave a better answer and finish packing, and of course, i'm writing a blog entry.

so my uncle is going to be with us in hawaii, and i am looking forward to having someone to throw a ball around with. no, i'm not particularly active, but throwing a football on a beach is always a good time. til my arm gets tired and i wimp out. but my silly football was a bit deflated, so i went an bought a ball pump today. but when i got home, i couldn't get it to inflate the ball! it really didn't seem to be doing any good. of course, the device is so easy to use that there isn't an instruction manual to tell me what i'm doing wrong. but i found this, which is something. anyways, in the end, i think i figured it out (you have to put the needle in so far that the ball starts to deflate? but once it deflated halfway, i could totally tell that it was inflating. tho i could never get it as full as i wanted it to be, so maybe that is as full as it gets and i bought the pump for nothing.) except in the end,i have decided to deflate the ball for packing and take the empty ball and the pump with me. i'm not actually sure this is a better idea or that it even packs any better, but at this point, i'm going with it. maybe my dad or uncle can at least teach me how to use a ball pump! so that would be something.

anyways, i'm really excited about taking a real vacation! after having made the mistake of trying a few of my summer clothes on, i'm thinking i might wish it wasn't a beach vacation. oh well, i'm too excited to care much, i think!

huzzah for hawaii!!


Blogger Sasha Fierce said...

so jealous! i hope you are having a fabulous time - can't wait to hear all about it :) and i seriously think you should reconsider the twilight series. i've read two 500+ page books since wednesday evening. it's sick...

1:09 AM  

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