Thursday, January 29, 2009


does everyone remember this?

well, now i present to you, this:

it turns out that i'm not just a disaster in the kitchen when drunk, i'm just a disaster in the kitchen. what's so tragic about this is that i had actually made a decent dinner! not delicious, but not bad. (ok, so i'm not sure how that has any bearing on my burning the pot.) and the even WORSE part is that i HAD turned off the stove! only it turns out i had undershot "off" and turned it to "high." and this picture doesn't really do justice to how bad i seemed to have somehow burned the bejeezus out of a pot in just a few minutes unattended on the stove, but well, i think it's ruined. it is no longer sparkly silver, but is dark and tarnished and all screwed up.

but, i'm going to take a page from jenny's new year's resolution. here are the things i have decided are the bright side of this:
(1) it was a really cheap pot. and one i had bought myself, so at least i don't have to feel guilt.
(2) i now know that when you leave a burner on on the stove, if you walk back into that room, it's really obvious. which gives me way more peace of mind about burning down my house from accidentally leaving my stove on. b/c i don't ever turn it on before i leave for the day, you know. just in the evening. which means i'm right here to catch it if the house burns down. so that's something!

in other news, at about 5 today i was asked if i would want to help out on a doc review that needed to be done by tomorrow. of course i said yes, b/c well, i flippin' love the DR! and my hours have not been up to snuff this month. like really not good. what i was not told was that i would still be sitting around at 9:09 waiting for the documents to be uploaded to the system so that we could start. on a doc review that has to be completed by 9am tomorrow. yup, not just tomorrow. tomorrow about the time i usually get out of bed. and my bedtime is drawing closer with every second. even before i knew that i wouldn't have started by now, i stopped and bought a big old can of red bull. do you guys know how expensive red bull is? it's ridiculous! anyways. i'm hoping that the system goes down and we get told to go to sleep and they ask for an extension. which means i'd be DRing thru the weekend, but at least i'd get to sleep tonight!


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