Wednesday, August 30, 2006

it turns out

that the use of mario lopez in a golden girls plot line means that the plot is not the same as that of every other golden girls episode. it's kind of refreshing really. rather than the girls getting into some sort of argument and then realizing that they are the best of friends and forgiving one another, this time we overcame adversity. adversity in the life of someone else even! i thought for sure that mario was going to have plagiarized on his paper, but it turns out that he's an illegal immigrant! so this episode really kept me on my toes. well, i'm actually still on my toes, i guess. there are still a few more minutes! i'll keep you posted!

oh no

so i've watched an hour of frasier and now it's time for my hour of golden girls. of course, every episode of golden girls is the exact same, so i probably don't actually have to watch it.

as a fringe benefit, a young mario lopez is guest starring in this episode. his character's name is "mario."

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

teachings of jon

so classes start in the morning and i have just been utterly unable to get my sleep schedule back on track. and i keep meaning not to nap during the day, but i'm just so tired. but i've decided that that's not why i can't go to sleep, but just b/c it's my silly brain that keeps having all these thoughts.

so tonight i finished all my reading at 11:30 and just thought i would turn on the TV and watch a few minutes of wind-down TV. well for whatever reason, in my flipping, i stop at a grown child sitting in a mickey mouse t-shirt and underwear and playing with a remote control. and i am stuck. it's the story of jon, a 43-year old man with a severe case of down's syndrome and a documentary of his family. he wears the same mickey mouse t-shirt throughout and looks like he single-handedly keeps the furby empire in business, if all those kids aren't still playing with them.

but of course it's a moving and uplifting story and his parents take care of him ceaselessly and of course w/in minutes i'm sitting here crying and i'm worried about all the children of the world and how parents do this and what happens to them when their parents die and he just can be so happy when the furbies talk and he plays in the pool and it's all so sweet and heartbreaking and this is another one of my posts that has no point. but you can visit him and his family here.

anyways, my favorite part is when they do christmas and the first thing they show is jon unwrapping a ream of paper. they say that they all try to figure out what will make him the happiest and then sit around watching him unwrap everything. then the mom says, "which usually ends up with us all getting the same thing. like last year with the rolling pins." and they proceed to have home video footage of him opening up 5 rolling pins. which was really funny. he then proceeded to open up a roll of bounty paper towels. i almost think this is how people should do christmas with me.

anyways, the real problem with this is that that was not wind-down TV. i have now gotten all emotionally volatile and i have turned my computer back on and it is only another hour until there is an hour of golden girls on and if this is anything like last night, it will be 3am before i can go to sleep, no matter how tired i am.

i haven't even picked my first day of school outfit! well, i tried to, but then i put that dress on and i could only zip it about halfway. this summer was not kind to me.

ok, that is all.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

i had forgotten how much i love lexis and westlaw

trivia and points-earning opportunities have started up again for the school year!

as a result, i just learned that minnesota has adopted the blueberry muffin as its official state muffin. see Minn. Stat. ยง 1.1496 (2005), if you don't believe me.

also, in HUGE news, i have just made my first ever expenditure of westlaw/lexis points. as much as it kills me to be down to just 2,785 westlaw points, i do have the excitement of knowing that in 4-6 weeks i will be receiving a bagless vacuum cleaner and a paper shredder. that's pretty exciting!

maybelline colorstay lipcolor

ok, so i have decided that i must just put it out there that this is a GREAT product. the other day i was at target and i went a little crazy in the makeup aisles. i managed to hold back on the eye shadows b/c i know that the fact of the matter is that i already own every shade of eye shadow i would ever buy, even tho i don't wear any of them just about ever.

but i feel like those make more sense to buy lipsticks because maybe if you find some that work well, you can use them and mix it up a bit. like i have a few lipglosses that i do use and i love them. but they only stay on for like 2 minutes. so i decided that i would venture into long-lasting lipcolor. i have bought a couple in the past, but they leave this really terrible feeling on your lips that i can't describe and the other thing is that you can just never tell if a color is going to be right until after you have already bought it. so i bought two shades of maybelline's colorstay. i wore the "raspberry" to bar review last night and i'm still not totally sure i'm sold on the color (it looks like you're wearing lipstick and i still have to get used to that idea), but it was still noticeably present at about 4pm this afternoon. which is like 16 hours after i put it on. which is pretty impressive. oh, and it doesn't leave that gross texture on your lips, like the other ones do. the other shade i bought is "heather" and it is perfect. i put it on at about 6pm today before running out to the grocery store. it's just a bit of color, but it brightens and defines your lips and well i think it is quite lovely. and since that time i have eaten dinner and a few other assorted things, and had plenty of glasses of water and of diet coke, and i still have lipstick on. so it truly is long-lasting. it's amazing really.

ok, sorry for this post. yes, it is ridiculously silly and self-indulgent and nearly pointless. but if you are looking for a great long-lasting lipcolor, i heartily endorse this one. we'll see if i ever actually wear them, or if they just sit in a drawer with the other 15 other lipsticks i have but never wear.

[UPDATE 01/04/07: since i get about a hit a day for this product, i thought i would add that after a bit, the lipstick started to kind of glob up on your lips in clumps. it is very weird and i can't really describe it, but it pretty much makes the product useless. maybe this is just something with mine, but i figured that since a number of people might actually be using my word on this in their purchasing decision, i should update for full disclosure that mine didn't seem to hold up over time.]

what to do with myself

ok, so today i finally sat down and looked at my class schedule for the semester. now there are a few obvious problems with it. (1) it contains 7 classes. but not really b/c 2 are short courses and one meets like 3 times all semester, so that doesn't count. (2) i have a 9am every day of the week except friday. unfortunately, these are classes i have my heart set on. the thing is that i am not a morning person. i think a 10am would be good to force me to get my lazy ass out of bed at a decent hour. but 9am is pushing it. i'm starting to think that maybe i'll just wake up at 8:45, run to class, hope there is no one there, and just hurry home afterwards, unseen by anyone so that it doesn't matter that i am unshowered and still wearing my pajamas.

but the real question is what to do with myself all of that time i am not in class. because, with the exception of a monday evening class and a thursday 10:30-12:30, i have nothing else. meaning that i pretty much have ALL FLIPPIN' DAY monday, tuesday, wednesday and friday to do other things. only, what other things?

  • it's not like i'll even want to be at the law school, which means that i may never see people.
  • i was thinking that maybe i should get a job at a retail store, but let's be honest, i don't really want to get a job, even if it would come with a clothing discount.
  • there's the golf plan, but that's not really going to happen all that often. does anyone want to make a standing golf date with me for once a week?
  • maybe i could actually start to work out or something. once again, let's not hold our breath.
  • make real, healthy meals for dinner, rather than calling some cottage cheese and half a carrot cake "dinner."
  • i could read real books, but that seems lazy, and all evidence points to the fact that i won't really do that either.
  • oh, maybe i could do the Big Sister thing. except that kids scare me. well, the pressure of coming up with things to do and hoping that they don't hate me scares me.
  • general volunteer work. maybe with pets. i read something recently about someone volunteering at the SPCA.
  • pro bono work. maybe there is the capacity for both good and legal work, lurking deep within me.

really the fact of the matter is that i have had nothing to do all week and i have done nothing at all. well, i have things to do, but i am not actually doing them. for example, i am still living in my den of filth, over which multiple suitcases simply exploded and i have put nothing away in the week since i have been home. and it really is a disaster area. you know it's bad when i say it is a disaster area. i am even getting bored with TV, but i can't really come up with anything else to do. it's the saddest thing ever. i'm hoping i won't be as lazy once everyone is back in town and i have some semblance of structure in my life, but i guess that remains to be seen. and i suppose there is also the fact that there will be all sorts of things that leap out of the woodwork, like journal work, and that i will be taking 14 hours and oh crap that i have to write a paper this semester and i have not written a paper in years and this is going to probably be really terrible and ok, well that is what i will spend 40 hours a week sucking at doing. i'm really glad i remembered that.

but still, if you have any suggestions, send them along!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

a brief diatribe

so i had a doctor's appointment this morning. i cannot stand doctors. probably partially b/c i figure i can just call my parents when i need a diagnosis. but mostly i consider doctors a necessary step in my getting drugs and referrals to other doctors, so i go into their office and just tell them what i need and then want that to be it.

see, i have been diabetic since i was 2, and i didn't do anything about it until i was about 24. prior to that i would just go and tell them that i didn't know anything at all about my diabetes and then they would invariably make me cry by telling me i would die an early death. but now i am on a pump and i check my bloodsugar all the time and am actually under really great control.

not that there is much of a method to my madness. it's not like eat 3 square meals a day or check my bloodsugar at some sort of regular intervals. or keep any sort of record of my numbers. that's the main thing they lecture me on these days. but here is the thing: YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO ANYTHING WITH MY NUMBERS!

what are you going to do? see that after i ate a hot dog on august 14, my bloodsugar was a bit high 2 hours later? so you're going to tell me that the amount of insulin i took for that hot dog was not enough? well what the hell good is that going to do? besides, how would you even know that was true? maybe i was more sedentary than usual the previous day. or maybe i also had a bite of a snickers that i forgot to account for. YOU HAVE NO IDEA! and even if you did, is that really going to matter at all for my care? no! no it is not! and when you consider that between doctor's appointments, even if i went every 6 months, that i would have checked my bloodsugar approximately 1500 times. and that you can't really figure out the relevance of those numbers and the effect of my insulin use on them if you don't know EVERY single thing i consumed. and every shot i took. and the sort of patterns that you may be able to distinguish, like if i always wake up high in the morning, are the things that i do notice b/c I AM DOING THIS ALL THE TIME! plus, it's not like i always wake up high. some mornings high, some low, some a perfect 100. but if i did need to change my basal, I KNOW THAT! AND I KNOW HOW TO DO IT! I AM NOT A MORON!

i firmly believe, as i pretty much always have, that the only person who can be responsible for my care, or at all informed about it, is me. once again, perhaps this would be different if i ate 3 regularly scheduled meals of x number of carbohydrates per day, but do you people know me? what the hell chance do you think there is of that ever happening? i eat when i am hungry. i skip meals when i am not hungry. i eat what i feel like eating. at that exact moment. sometimes i eat because i am bored, or b/c i was walking by a table in the law school and there was cake sitting on it. no, this is not ideal, but you will NEVER be able to get me to do otherwise. and my insulin-taking isn't really much better. sometimes i just give myself insulin b/c i think that i should. because of something i ate an hour ago, or because of how i feel, or for no good reason at all sometimes.

but ever since i went on the pump, my glycosylated hemoglobin has been around 6.0. which is pretty close to that of non-diabetics and as good as you can be if you are a diabetic. they used to say you're doing well if you are under 10.0. it looks pretty clear to me that I AM DOING A DAMNED GOOD JOB OF THIS! so get off my back, stupid doctors who think you are going to teach me something! i have already been taught the same things that you know and are going to tell me. i am using those things on a daily basis. i have access to me 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. you are not going to meet with me for 20 minutes every 6 months and do a better job of this than i am.

anyways, i get really upset every time i go. and the best part is that they scheduled me to see the endocrinologist on monday. i ALWAYS cry at endocrinologists. last time there was a really adorable med student and i blubbered for an hour. maybe this time i will yell. maybe this time i will take a print-out of this diatribe. which wound up being more lenghty than brief. now i just have to cross my fingers that my A1C is still around 6 and is not so high that they think they have to teach me something. i have a lot more credibility when it is perfect. tho even with an A1C of 8.0, i don't think they could really do anything.

GRRRRRRR. i have gotten all worked up about this all over again. sorry. i just wanted to vent.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

i'm bringing bocce back

that's right, my friends! i'm sure you all remember adam green and the SBA posse of the 2004-2005 school year, playing their bocce in spies all the time. well, we have now ascended to the throne of 3Ls. and i, your friend, bought bocce (and croquet) in one of my sometimes-misguided attempts to buy everything at target. and i have had them in my trunk for about 2 months. unused. but i have decided that maybe if i move them to the LS, we can play them in all of that time we are not going to class or studying. of course, i can't exactly figure out if i'll ever be at the LS, since my 7 classes don't seem to necessitate spending much of the day there. i'm sure i will soon realize that that is untrue, b/c it simply doesn't make any sense.

but anyways. the point is--i will be moving bocce to my locker at some point in the next few days. if you are ever at the LS, and it is pretty outside, and you think, "what kind of outdoor game could we play right now to make others envy our lives?" well i want you to come to me and to ask for the bocce. AND PLAY WE SHALL! unless i am learning to golf that day.

Monday, August 21, 2006

i hate technology

well, maybe not all technology. but all forms of technology that involve the internet and pictures.

so you know that i couldn't put up a photo-journal. and that i can't get the photos in the right order on webshots (that is the internet's fault, not mine. actually, both are the internet's fault, not mine.) as is this latest fiasco.

it is now 3am. i was going to bed at about 12:30. but then i decided to make a shutterfly photo album. my plan is to continue to get up to speed on law school and then keep it updated and then i will have a lovely photo album of these 3 years. i was going to print the pictures and do it the old-fashioned way, but for various reasons, i decided not to. (trust me, you don't even want me to go into the whole explanation and thought process on this.) but molly's sister alerted me to the fact that you can make them online.

ONLY YOU CANNOT! BECAUSE THE INTERNET IS HORRIBLE AND IT KEEPS DELETING THE ALBUM, NO MATTER HOW MANY TIMES YOU SAVE IT AND THEN WHEN YOU CLOSE THE WINDOW AND SIGN BACK INTO YOUR ACCOUNT, THE ALBUM THAT YOU HAD UPDATED IS ALL GONE AND YOU ARE BACK TO THE FIRST ONE THAT YOU HAVE NOW DELETED 3 TIMES! and so i just keep making the same album over and over. and losing it. thru no fault of mine. i am sure of it. so now i have wasted 2.5 hours doing this and i am nowhere and my eyes are burning.

the really frustrating thing about all of these projects is that i know it could be so simple, and it isn't that i'm totally computer illiterate, but i think that if i cannot use these things then they are not very user-friendly, or is it really that i am a moron and anyone else would have their album updated thru the summer already? (i have any number of problems with the user-friendliness of the system, in addition to the whole thing where it keeps losing the album. you don't want to know all this thought process either.) and i also wonder if other people think these things should work in the way that i think they should work and they could be so easy. or if the systems were like i wanted them to be, would millions of other people be writing in to ask why the hell the system moves the photos when you try to move them and puts the pictures in that order and then saves the changes when you click the "save" button. i mean, that seems hard to believe, but maybe so.


oh, but lest i only complain, i have had a great couple of days as people are returning and back in town and i have people to catch up with and enjoy their company. and tomorrow i am going to start also being productive and crossing all those things off my to-do list. at 9am. which is why i am going to regret that i am still awake, being vexed by the computer.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

well screw it

so i may not ever try to figure out how to really post the pictures of our trip with the stories and i think i'll just have to accept that. but i have managed to upload the pictures to a webshots album. it's not quite perfect, but i may not bother to fix that either b/c tho it is not as infuriating as the webpage, it is also not seamless nor not-headache-inducing. so there.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

not everyone is too dumb to post pictures on their blog

so i still haven't managed to do so, but i sent my photos of kid rock and pamela anderson from the other night to the fabulously popular pink is the new blog and he used them on his page and even gave molly and i a few shout-outs. so that is kinda fun. yay for molly and me! and props to people smart enough to post pictures on the internet. maybe i'll work on this one of these nights. or maybe i'll just continue to be a lazy schlub about doing so. it's just that i have so many great shots from the road trip. ok, one of these days. i promise.

Friday, August 18, 2006

i am about to shoot myself

molly and i are back from our cross-country trip and i have a ton of pics to put up and i have now spent like 2 hours trying to post them. while i can do one or two, they don't just go into the text where you want and i cannot get them to organize in any sensible way and IT IS A PAIN IN THE A$$ AND I WANT TO PUT UP LIKE 30 AND I CANNOT DO IT FOR THE LIFE OF ME! I AM STILL TRYING TO DO THE FIRST 2! it is infuriating and i have really good pictures i want to put up and WAAAAAAAHHHHH!! so there will be pictures shortly, if i ever figure out how to do it. blargh.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

try not to miss me too desperately

i am leaving for LA tomorrow and will not be back til about the 19th. am spending a couple of days in LA with molly, doing whatever molly has deemed cool enough for me/not so cool i can't get in. incidentally, molly was turned away from a bar on her b-day in LA, which was on a tuesday. so i'm not really expecting anything for my b-day, which even less fortuitously, falls on a thursday.

after LA, we are beginning our drive back to cville. we are both uber-excited about this and i will not listen to you nay-sayers who all follow up the fact that i am going on a cross-country trip with molly with the question, "how good of friends are you?" and all sorts of warnings about wanting to kill one another by new mexico. the first stop is still unsure, but molly was thinking vegas. of course, this was the second city in which she was trying to get justin timberlake tickets and my latest joke is that our drive back to cville is going to degenerate into our stalking JT's tour bus and molly saying things like, "montana, laura! i'm sure he won't be sold out in montana!" anyways, after whatever the first stop is, the itinerary is taos, new mexico; austin with molly's family for 2 nights; baton rouge with my family for one; nashville; finally back to the 'ville. yay!

so the point is that i am uber-excited and that you will have to try not to miss me too desperately. i am even leaving my computer back in cville, so we'll see how much withdrawal i suffer. i imagine i'll be twitching before i've even made it to dulles.

ok, have good weeks and i'll see you all soon!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


drop robinson's fall section of "trust and estates" and let me have their spot? she's even a pretty terrible professor! you're going to want to bide your time and take it with someone better in the future! but i don't have any time in the future! i need to take it well and i have thought about it and decided that i will suffer thru taking it with robinson! c'mon? please? well, let me know if so.

i love cville

i am just so happy to be back and lexi and aaron are back and that makes me very happy b/c with the two of them in town, i have more to do whenever i want to do something than i ever did with 3/4 of the LS class in DC who i could never get to do something with me and it makes me very happy to have people to eat and run errands with. except that we went to maarten's for dinner and oh dear god how i love maarten's, except i ate way more food than i should have and that was hours ago and i still feel ill from everything i consumed and i would like to say thank you to the best waitress i have ever had, who never let any of our sodas sit empty on the table. she was amazing. and lexi and i ran errands today, and we went to the law school and i seriously nearly wept with joy to return. it was beautiful to behold and i am so upset at the prospect that i will be leaving in one year and i seriously have to figure out how to never have to leave. i have thought of being the secretary to the dean of the law school, but i couldn't figure out who that would be BUT OH MY GOD WHAT IF IT IS JIM RYAN AND HE WOULD LET ME BE THE SECRETARY AND IT WOULD BE LIKE EVERYTHING THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD, ALL WRAPPED UP IN ONE! ok, that is what i am now striving for. that might be better than the supreme court document woman job.

ok, but i will also list the things that i miss about DC. (1) i miss the diet coke fountain, located 12 feet from my desk. god that was amazing. (2) i miss all those channels of tv, that i very rarely watched, but watched just enough to miss them now that they are gone. and i also now have more time to watch them. (3) i will miss splitting my electric bill with 2 other people when it comes. (4) and that apartment had a great closet.

Sunday, August 06, 2006


so my dad always sends along these forwards, only they're not really funny or they're political things that i don't really care about or agree with or whatever. BUT he just sent this one and i thought it was really funny. or maybe i was in a mood that made it funny. but i thought i would share anyways--

Q: You are on a horse, galloping at a constant speed. On your right side is a sharp drop off, and on your left side is an elephant traveling at the same speed as you. Directly in front of you is a galloping kangaroo and your horse is unable to overtake it. Behind you is a lion running at the same speed as you and the Kangaroo. What must you do to safely get out of this highly dangerous situation?

A: Get your drunk ass off the Merry-Go-Round!

anyways. i laughed. ALSO, i would like to say YAY for the return of people! i saw saunders and met heidi and that was very lovely and then on my way back from taking them to the airport, i spent 2 HOURS at the target. to buy one bag of things. but i had to sit in every chair in the place (literally) and look at every single toy and spend a fair amount of time looking at stickers and photo albums and well, i suppose that the fact that i spent TWO HOURS wandering around the target is indicative of the fact that i have a problem. and THEN lexi and aaron showed up in cville a day early and we just had gelato. yay! yay! hoorah! and tomorrow, i get to see derek! oh the joy!

ok, that is all.

thank goodness i'm a year older and wiser and i no longer measure self-worth by the number of interviews i have been granted

so i signed up for 16 on grounds interviews during phase 1.

i have now received 16 NIAs.

sweet! no one wants me at all!

well, except my firm. yay for offers!

also, one of my favorite firms from last season is coming during phase 2. they were my second choice and i just had a lovely time with them and their recruiting coordinator is cute. you think i should sign up with them again? you know, just for fun? and to feel like i have options? or to see if they NIA me now that i have my mass torts grade on my transcript?

Saturday, August 05, 2006


so i got an offer yesterday!! yay for offers!! yay for laura!!

and i was in a very good mood.

but then no one was around to go out with me and celebrate. boo for that. it made me sad, and last night i was in a not good mood. not a bad mood. but a sad mood. =(

but b/c i have wildly erratic moods, today i am in the BEST MOOD EVER! here are all the reasons why:
  1. i have an offer!! yaaaaayyyyy!
  2. i got the best possible parking spot this morning and just had to roll my stuff out of the building and put it right in my car. yay for great parking spots! of course, i had to leave at 8am, but that's not really so bad either.
  3. i am excited to be back in cville!
  4. i had the most beautiful drive ever down to cville this morning. it was slightly dampened by the most horrifically lengthy mcdonalds experience ever, but i suppose that in the grand scheme of things that's not really so bad and i did quite enjoy my sausage and egg biscuit and fountain diet coke.
  5. there was a bag of cool ranch doritos waiting for me when i got home.
  6. oh! and i have a code for 1/3 off of a banana republic purchase and i get to go try on clothes later in the day and then order them all off the internet to be shipped right to my door! yay! i am uber-excited about this.
  7. i leave for LA and cross country drive on wednesday! yay! excited about that too!
  8. lexi and aaron will be back in town in just a few days!
  9. saunders and heidi will be here tonight and i will get to see them and i am very excited about that too!! yay!
  10. everyone else is only shortly behind! and soon we will all be reunited for our third year and for seeing who has the patience to teach laura golf! ooooh, that WILL be fun!


but since i also have to gripe a bit, i do have a FREAKISHLY burdensome amount of stuff i have to drag up from my car and unpack. tho i suppose that's my own damned fault. and not a totally bad thing either b/c it means that i have a lot of clothes and isn't that the only way to measure the true value of a human being is the amount of clothes they own? gosh, i am an amazing human being!

and somehow i have lost my motivation to drag all that stuff up from the car, tho i am down to only one suitcase, but my bloodsugar is low and so i stopped and now i can just see myself laying here on the couch all day, eating doritos and appreciating the air conditioning and smelling bad.

gosh, i sure do know how to paint a lovely picture of myself, don't i? =)

but in conclusion, YAY FOR ALL GOOD THINGS!

and i hope that you are all having wonderful days too!!!!!

yes, i know that the excessive use of exclamation points can be annoying!!! but i am in a very good mood. at least i am not punctuating inane things with exclamation points. that would be really annoying! (haha, that was supposed to be funny.)

ok, ciao ciao!!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

my perfect job

yes, my absolutest most perfectest bestest job ever. and everyone agrees. the other summers agree, my mom agrees. that's all i've run it by so far, but you'll agree too.

so today we took a tour of the supreme court. we met up with the woman who was to give us the tour. she works in the clerk's office or something and years ago some guy who then went to our firm worked with her so she gives the summer class a tour every year. anyways, we went in to meet her and as soon as i walked into her office, MY EYES LIT UP! I WAS IN HEAVEN! I WAS IN A PLACE IN WHICH I WOULD LOVE TO WORK FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. the other summers saw it. they nodded their heads in agreement: this was a place for laura.

she is the front line when cases come in to the SC. so they are all these little paper booklets, with differently colored covers depending on what they are. and they are all perfectly stapled, and then rubberbanded together in bundles with post-its on them with their dates and things. PAPER! COLORED PAPER! RUBBERBANDS! POST-ITS! HAVE I DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN!?!?!?

oh, and her title is the director of the document control center. i mean, that's great. right?

anyways. sometimes she gives these tours. but these tours are only about 50% about the court and its history and whatnot. the other 50% are her own anecdotes about having worked in the building for the last 25 years. how the old chef used to hide the mints in the hidden bottom of a cabinet drawer, the year everyone else boycotted the christmas party and she got to eat all the pastries, the time she took an aeorbics class with justice o'connor, etc. I COULD DO THAT! CAN YOU IMAGINE MY GIVING A TOUR WITH MY OWN STORIES! god i would be good. i have also retained much of what she said, so that i am already ready to take over. i can tell you where the only 5 spiral staircases in the world are. i'm halfway there.

anyways, i kept trying to ask her how she got this job (she has a law degree; i ascertained that much), but then she would have to get out of the elevator b/c some elevator button-pusher wouldn't let all 10 of us in and for security reasons she would have to stay behind and evade my question. but i am really thinking of sending her an email. i figure she's got some more years in here there, but i will be waiting by the phone for her call.

fanny packs are always a good story

the other day, lexi and i were emailing when a story about firm fanny packs came up. i was just going to cut and paste those emails to my own blog, but i thought that would not be quite right. even tho i was going to give her credit. so i made lexi post for herself.