Monday, February 06, 2006

chex mix

now this had never occurred to me until a few minutes ago when i started to think about it, but i don't think that it's as difficult for most people to eat chex mix as it is for me to eat chex mix.

now, don't get me wrong--i love chex mix. love it. and unfortunately it's one of those things that i only buy when it's buy one get one free and then i eat two bags in like three minutes. but that's beside the point.

do other people pick the components of the chex mix apart before eating them?

b/c that makes it really time consuming. but i can't eat chex squares and pretzels in the same bite. or rye or bagel chips in the same bite as a bread twist. really, i would much prefer if chex mix came in separate little packets. well, actually, i'd probably be ok if they just sold the flavored chex pieces. but still.

wow, this is dreadfully dull. i apologize.

but i still want to know if other people just throw full handfulls of the stuff in their mouth or if they separate it out.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

great away msg

what can i say--when it rains, it pours.

anyways, i just wanted to put up this particular away msg from this evening that i love and would just like to make a part of posterity:

It's when you ask yourself, "what did I wear to dances in middle school?" that you realize people were still living in the woods, hunting and foraging for food and trying to understand this new invention "the wheel" when you were in middle school.

i love it.

ok, that's it. i swear.


do you all know what a popover is? well, i tell you this. they are like the best food ever. they are egg and starch and then they puff up and well, they're fabulous.

so i got home at about 1am and i decided that i felt like popovers. i am not drunk. i've been thinking about making them for the past few days but just haven't really felt about them. but the problem is that i didn't start until about 1:45 and they take like an hour to make and that's just a bit impractical.

but i suppose it's ok b/c i did sleep like 18 of the last 24 hours, so i'm sure that i can make it til 3am. and it's never a wrong time to eat fluffy starches that you then drench in butter. mmmm.

oh, except i also stuck cheese in some of them, which i have never done before and i imagine that this could go horribly awry like most things i try to do in my kitchen.

if you do not know of popovers, you should ask me and i will make them sometime and you can eat them and learn of their fabulousness.


yes, my posts are totally erratic and even more arbitrary. but whatever. there are plenty of other blogs to read to keep yourself entertained. entertaining you is not my job.

anyways, it's feb club. to learn lots more of the wonders of feb club, i'd recommend rada's blog.

anyways, tonight i crimped my hair. well, i borrowed rada's crimper and lexi crimped my hair in dellis' apartment. dellis learned much this evening. but the point of this all is that people make fun of crimping and think it looks terrible and they think of it as something from ages ago that is now to be mocked.

but i'm going to come out and say it--i kinda liked my hair crimped. yes, that's right. see, i have the dreadfully flatest hair ever. and it never holds anything. ever. but the crimp, well it didn't hold so well that my hair looked totally crimped, but it like fried my hair to just the degree that it's a bit wavy and has some body, but doesn't totally look hideous. and i've just looked at it again to confirm this fact. yes, i am a pretty pretty princess.